Coaching sessions

aimed at moving you from where you are now to where you want to be. Along the way coaching creates clarity of purpose and direction, challenges limiting beliefs and encourages you to become the best of what you can be!

What do Coaching sessions involve?

The initial session will be one of exploration, where we have a conversation to explore what you want from coaching, as well as starting to understand your world and what is important to you. We will discuss a coaching agreement so that we each understand our roles and have a solid platform to start your coaching journey. Sessions usually last between 45 and 60 minutes.

Coaching is a series of powerful and purposeful conversations

During the coaching

During the coaching, with your permission, I may use different techniques and tools either in the flow of conversation or paper based. This opens up the space for collaboration, exploration and reflection.

During our sessions we may work together to:

  • Find some quiet in your mind so that you can hear the answers to ‘where do I go from here?’
  • Reconnect to your deep true self
  • Find clarity in the now, acknowledge and release the past and set up for the future
  • Locate and work towards letting go of limiting beliefs
  • Map out a plan, steps and thinking which is going to help you get onto the right path
  • Identify and embed your own practices which will keep you positive, aligned to your goal and in the right mind-set to achieve your goals

I had the privilege of being Chunfeng’s coachee. At that point, I was stuck in my life due to many changes in my environment that affected me. As our first meeting was taking place, an instant connection got established on a different level. She made me feel at ease as if we had a long term friendship and that helped me be myself during our sessions and open up about my life.

I realized that Chunfeng has a deep understanding of life that makes her connect with others and build a synergy which is the key in the help she offers. She was present with me during our sessions and allowed the flow to happen which then triggered the questions that made me reflect upon my journey and the obstacles I had.

Chunfeng has a great impact on my life as she guided me to understand my deepest desires and how to manifest them accordingly. She was my spiritual guide in listening to my heart and her quote will forever stay with me:

‘Root the lotus flower in your heart as you know it’s your inner wisdom’


Business Excellence Manager, Healthcare OEM

Chunfeng has inner ‘wiseness’ and integrity; she is both inspiring and supportive. She quickly builds rapport to help coachees to focus on the important things that really matter, and then guide and support constructive change to happen. Thank you for your time Chunfeng.


Director, Top tier professional service firm

From the initial session with Chunfeng, I felt completely at ease speaking with her and being true and honest to myself and to her. The preparation materials allowed me to understand before the session how best to get the most out of my time speaking with her. And then, actually during the session Chunfeng gently questioned and listened to me, allowing me to gain insight from myself regarding challenges and opportunities I was facing. The coaching sessions have meant I have now developed my own internal sense of questioning, curiosity and experimentation towards what I am doing. I truly appreciate what I am gaining from my time being coached by Chunfeng.


Strategy manager, Power T&D OEM

I was very grateful for the coaching I was able to receive from Breeze, especially with all of the disruption being caused by Covid-19. Breeze helped me to identify my strengths and how to bring them to bear across interpersonal and org level endeavors. She was an excellent and curious thought partner that helped me better understand the culture in which I was operating, and the unique challenges of Google X. To provide a few examples of favorite discussion topics:
– Leading on tech-first companies, and striking the right balance between technical and people leadership
– Developing a sustainable and impactful presence on the team and unleashing their potential to create positive outcomes
– How to flex my leadership style to address the stress and change of covid work conditions, and adapt to the virtual space
– Team discussion topics to create engaging virtual offsites, and how to help my team build on the efforts of each other
– How to structure effective performance reviews and promotion processes
Throughout the coaching period a recurring theme was how to bring mindfulness, or presence, to bear in the way that I lead to help improve my organization. I think this is a key element of the future of work as the world is learning more about the positive benefits of it. I expect this to become even more crucial over time. Breeze’s experience and strength in this area has her well positioned to help accelerate this wave. Her coaching in this area was greatly appreciated, and is counted among my lasting learnings from this time.


HW Engineer | The Everyday Robot Project, Google X

What do I expect from you?

  • That you come to your scheduled meetings on time or connect in advance if you cannot make it.
  • That you come to your appointment fully aware of your progress, your challenges and your agenda for the time together.
  • Be forthright and timely if something is not working for you on a call or in the coaching relationship.
  • That you open your mind to new possibilities in vision and in action.
  • That you are ready to take action when appropriate.
  • That you tell me what’s really not being handled or is holding you back. I, the coach, abide by the principles and Global Code of Ethics as defined by The International Coach Federation.

A copy of this code will be provided to you prior to commencement of coaching practice. If you’d like to set on this transformational journey and would like to have a sparring partner along the way, feel free to contact me for an exploratory call.

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