Fostering Wholeness

Support ecosystems of transformation so that we co-create an authentic, mindful and purposeful way of life.
We’re facing paradigm shifts today. With the exponential growth of technology, we human beings are becoming human”doings” in many ways. I have seen with my own eyes, how we are dragged to an “autopilot” mode. Often times the ego-protecting “mask” blocks our true self and the natural joy of being.

Imagine a world, where we show up wholeheartedly. We truly connect with our purpose and turn up to work with our wholeness. We make decisions consciously so that all the “Earthlings” who share the earth with us will flourish.

My purpose of this work is to create the space for people, for organizations, to truly connect with their wholeness. And by doing so, in whatever (big or small) way there is, making the world a better place!

Create Space for Compassion so that freedom will flow

Organizations are living systems with all aspects of individual and collective being integral parts of a whole.

In Springbreeze Ventures, I offer integral support to key elements of the system in order to foster Teal and agile self-organization

Teal Agile self-organization

I’d like to offer you a vision. Imagine your days at work being filled with laughter and passion, you and your co-workers imbued with a feeling of camaraderie, dwelling in a climate of excitement, purpose and hope, spending your time in an environment that fosters listening, open communication and fast collaboration. Imagine a workplace that harks back to playgrounds of childhood where invention and innovation were a natural part of everyday interaction.

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Mindfulness @ workplace

“Mindfulness is moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience, without judgement” – Oxford Mindfulness Center

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aimed at moving you from where you are now to where you want to be. Along the way coaching creates clarity of purpose and direction, challenges limiting beliefs and encourages you to become the best of what you can be!

I met Breeze earlier this year. Both being fascinated by Frederic Laloux’s concept of a “Teal organisation”, with its principles of emergent purpose, self-management and wholeness at work, I found in Breeze a woman who lives and breathes wholeness. If you are looking to shift your paradigm, to discover new ways of working, and of showing up for the world in a more mindful, open way, you couldn’t do better than to engage with Breeze and set off on a dance of discovery and awakening.”

Tobias Mayer

Educator and citizen October 2018

Working with Chunfeng was so inspiring. Chunfeng is able to bridge the rational side of business strategy with the creative side of human potential. For our grassroot initiative Chunfeng initiated various experiments of holacratic organizational design. She paved way for GROW2GLOW to grow and glow globally.


Environmental Protection, Health & Safety Expert & Business Coach

I had the privilege of being Chunfeng’s coachee. At that point, I was stuck in my life due to many changes in my environment that affected me. As our first meeting was taking place, an instant connection got established on a different level. She made me feel at ease as if we had a long term friendship and that helped me be myself during our sessions and open up about my life.

I realized that Chunfeng has a deep understanding of life that makes her connect with others and build a synergy which is the key in the help she offers. She was present with me during our sessions and allowed the flow to happen which then triggered the questions that made me reflect upon my journey and the obstacles I had.

Chunfeng has a great impact on my life as she guided me to understand my deepest desires and how to manifest them accordingly. She was my spiritual guide in listening to my heart and her quote will forever stay with me:

‘Root the lotus flower in your heart as you know it’s your inner wisdom’


Business Excellence Manager, Healthcare OEM

I was fortunate to meet Breeze and work closely with her in January 2018 during a 9 week Teacher Training Pathway course in London. From the very start I was struck by her clarity and focus as a mindfulness teacher. Her clear vision of how to introduce and integrate mindfulness into the workplace supported by a calm delivery of guided mindfulness practices; the body scan meditation, bringing the attention to the body and breath, walking and mindful movement exercises were all offered with confidence born of a long term personal practice.

Her feedback during practice inquiry sessions was thoughtful, authentic and honest. In my opinion Breeze is an exceptional mindfulness practitioner and teacher.


Head of Supportive Care , London-based Charity

Learning nuggets from complex system transformation work (No. 2) – on holistic well-being

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A Teal-like experience of a self organized volunteering group

As I’m very much involved in transformation work that is promoting Teal self-organization in a large organizational setting, today it occurred to me that my on-going volunteer experience perhaps could trigger some wisdom from the naturally evolving Teal-like experience.   Here’s the background and evolution of this volunteering experience  I’m one of the...

Learning nuggets from complex system transformation work (No. 1)

I really like the word learning nuggets, after all, what’s better than learning from all the interactions and drawing sparks of insights? I’ll pick up this blog seris, which will also serve as my own learning journal.  During the recent transformation work that involved complex adaptive systems change, I felt a lot of triggers for growth. This is meanwhile...

Here’s to the crazy ones

Today I experienced an emotionally intense retro with one of the pioneering agile teams in China. What I experienced in the retro reminds me once again about this phrase “touch base”, especially during challenging times, for me it is so important to touch base, to connect with my core values and purpose, why I’m on this path. This is what I shared with the...

Elements of neuroscience in organizational transformation

Today I joined a webinar by Mingyur Rinpoche and Dr. Richard Davidson on Meditation and the Science of Human Flourishing. Aside from many mindfulness elements that will benefit my personal practice, the insights also sparked some connections for the work in organizational transformation. In the role of enterprise agile coach supporting colleagues on their...

The ball and the flatland – my reflections from a beautiful U journey

This week I co-facilitated a beautiful U journey with three countries’ leadership teams. When I reflected a bit on my experience during this journey, the analogy of the ball and the flatland came to mind. For me it is a nice way to represent perhaps the biggest leadership reframe as we’re transforming in a complex world.   I got this analogy when thinking...

Presencing in a complex system – the most stark Mindfulness homework

Throughout my whole career, never before have I felt such great importance of being mindful and presencing in my day-to-day. In my current role as an Enterprise Agile Coach, I feel that I’m spending most of my day in a heightened state of presencing. The word Presencing comes from the combination of presence and sensing.  The name Agile Coach might be...

The Cult of Done Manifesto

There are three states of being. Not knowing, action and completion. Accept that everything is a draft. It helps to get it done. There is no editing stage. Pretending you know what you’re doing is almost the same as knowing what you are doing, so just accept that you know what you’re doing even if you don’t and do it. Banish procrastination. If you wait...

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