What my clients are saying
The journey to Teal organization requires a broad evolutionary perspective, including both people and organizational development skills. Having worked with Chunfeng in Grow2Glow initiative, I have witnessed this rare combination of talent that she has, bringing people together around a common vision, with grace and deep understanding.”


Breeze is a true catalyst who makes the change not only by her actions but also by her being. She is a powerhouse of futuristic ideas and knows how to bring it to reality even in a complex multi-stakeholder landscape. What amazes me most is the empathy and compassion she brings to every meeting she attends. I learned a lot from her while co-creating the “Servant Leadership” program at ABB. A servant leader in action.


Founder, MQ

One rarely comes across someone as authentic and inspiring as Breeze. I had the pleasure of interacting with Breeze for the past years at ABB and her coaching skills are admirable. She has immense energy and all the programs that she has run – agile community, mindfulness – are all worthy of praise. As someone who can work for the betterment of people and culture, she earns my highest recommendation and she will be a positive influence in any organization or community.


Group Senior VP, Transformation Leader

I had the pleasure of working with Breeze for the past months at ABB and she shows true systemic leadership in everything she does. Bringing her trues Self in the projects she is working with, she builds an inclusive environment and challenges the status quo to unveal the collective awareness. With an agile, flexible and down to earth approach, she is always delivering on her promises. Thank you very much Breeze for your great contribution to us during these months!


Corporate Leadership Learning

The journey to Teal organization requires a broad evolutionary perspective, including both people and organizational development skills. Having worked with Chunfeng in Grow2Glow initiative, I have witnessed this rare combination of talent that she has, bringing people together around a common vision, with grace and deep understanding.

Together with her colleagues, Chunfeng initiated various experiments of innovative organizational design. To encourage the awareness of self-organization, she created learning platforms of spiral dynamics, Holacracy and knowledge exchange activities. Such exchange together with on the ground experiments paved way for a responsive organizational structure for grow2glow and allows it to expand globally.


CEO-Executive Advisor, OD practitioner

I first came across Chunfeng when I joined the Siemens Grow2Glow Coaching Network, where she is the UK Hub lead. At this time, Chunfeng was beginning to explore how she could bring self-organisation more into play, both within the UK hub as well as within her own divisional environment. She was experimenting with concepts that weren’t necessarily being openly discussed within our leadership teams. Concepts such as Holacracy, which is a completely different model for the business and as such brought its own tensions and challenges. Chunfeng opened up the conversations to empower those around her, so that diversity of thought and perspective became clearer and was practiced. She liaised across regions to ensure that more knowledge and information was brought into a shared and unified conversation. We – as a group, have benefitted from her experimentation – be that from her awareness and realisation of the necessity to introduce a Teal forum, to her bringing speakers on Spiral Dynamics or holacracy for the group to question, challenge and explore in more detail. Because of her endeavours and continuous efforts, this network of coaches, are now more readily experimenting and utilising a more developmental framework. Along with other interventions, we have been able to grow our network at an extraordinary speed while maintaining the quality of coaching.

My parting thought is that Chunfeng brings her whole self to the team, business and organisation. When this is combined with her passion for freeing up organisations from its typical constraints, she has the potential to deliver real and lasting change for an organisation.


Customer Excellence Manager

Chunfeng, is an incredible person. Within our self-organized bottom-up Coaching initiative she built up and grew a Circle within UK and played an important role spreading our self-organization mind-set across our corporate organization. How did she do this? She initiated a Teal forum inviting experts, created space for open discussions and with that encouraged others to experiment.

You inspire and engage people because you live a teal mind-set with every fibre of your heart.


Innovation manager

Chunfeng reflects a strong teal orientation regarding her personal interactions inside our company.  I have had the pleasure of working with Chunfeng through a group of self-organized people across the large organization of Siemens for the last year.  Chunfeng consistently leads with her heart oriented for wholeness by mirroring compassion, vulnerability, listening, and mindfulness.  She is active in Siemens grow2glow network and there has hosted external experts to discuss teal and spiral dynamics in a panel format.  Chunfeng is constantly evaluating how to create space and cultural mindset for a deepening self-awareness and wholeness to emerge and positively impact one’s work environment.  I have personally been awakened and inspired by Chunfeng’s leadership in these areas to pursue this more holistically in my own spheres of influence.


Digital Transformation Leader

I am very impressed by Chunfeng’s wholehearted passion for all the topics that are related to the future workplace. She is so strong in creating an environment in which all the humans are aware of the purpose and can be themselves. To me, she is the inspiration in person. She might not be aware of it but I learned a lot from her.


Learning and Development manager

Chunfeng is a reliable partner and a professional consultant/advisor with her strategic thinking, solid business knowledge and rich experience in various areas. We are very satisfied with her professional behaviour and outstanding delivery during our cooperation.


Senior VP

Chunfeng and I met in a purely virtual environment with her setting a stage for an engaged but otherwise unconnected group of likeminded people, who want to make our company a better and more adaptive place to work. I appreciate her ability to create a space for an in depth dialogue, mindfully returning to topics not yet closed. This is very helpful on our journey to an organization, that is driven by purpose and invites all people with all they have to the table.


Lead of Organization Transformation

I have had the opportunity to interact with Chunfeng on grassroots initiatives in the organization. She truly inspires, facilitates and transforms all those around with her positivity and presence. I would certainly recommend Chunfeng to enable your personal and/or organisations transformation.


Internal Initiative driver

When I am looking for a sparring partner to discuss from a conscious, mindful and holistic perspective, Chunfeng is a go-to person for me. I got to know her on a coaching training and appreciated her thoughts and mindfulness that emerge from her whole self, since. She has always been open minded and open hearted to experiment with new ideas and bringing her new level of learning back to the community and the organization. It is very impressive to see how Chunfeng is following her passion and offering what she has learned, experienced and applied in the virtual Teal Forum she initiated. She is for me and will certainly be for you a great partner for individual and organizational coaching and consulting on the journey to teal.


Global HRBP

I met Breeze earlier this year, when she attended one of my public workshops. Finding between one another a kindred spirit, we continued to be friends and have found ways to attend various events together over the past 2-3 months. Both being fascinated by Frederic Laloux’s concept of a “Teal organisation”, with its principles of emergent purpose, self-management and wholeness at work, I found in Breeze a woman who lives and breathes wholeness. If you are looking to shift your paradigm, to discover new ways of working, and of showing up for the world in a more mindful, open way, you couldn’t do better than to engage with Breeze and set off on a dance of discovery and awakening.”

Tobias Mayer

Educator and citizen, October 2018

Working with Chunfeng was so inspiring. Chunfeng is able to bridge the rational side of business strategy with the creative side of human potential. For our grassroot initiative Chunfeng initiated various experiments of holacratic organizational design. She paved way for GROW2GLOW to grow and glow globally.


Environmental Protection, Health & Safety Expert & Business Coach


I was fortunate to meet Breeze and work closely with her in January 2018 during a 9 week Teacher Training Pathway course in London. From the very start I was struck by her clarity and focus as a mindfulness teacher. Her clear vision of how to introduce and integrate mindfulness into the workplace supported by a calm delivery of guided mindfulness practices; the body scan meditation, bringing the attention to the body and breath, walking and mindful movement exercises were all offered with confidence born of a long term personal practice.

Her feedback during practice inquiry sessions was thoughtful, authentic and honest. In my opinion Breeze is an exceptional mindfulness practitioner and teacher.


Head of Supportive Care , London-based Charity

I really enjoy the mindfulness sessions with Breeze. She creates a calm and peaceful space, in which I could focus and develop the awareness of my mind and body. What inspires me most is her embodiment of mind training based on her long-term personal practice. This made her session authentic and insightful. I also find her exploration of neuroscience and mindfulness fascinating.

Her passion and dedication to bring mindfulness to leadership and to the workplace is truly encouraging. I trust that with her experience deeply rooted in businesses and her skills and practice of mindfulness, she’ll bring this wonderful practice to a wider audience.


Co-founder, UK based Retail Startup

I found Breeze’s style in teaching Mindfulness practices very clear, gentle and authentic in keeping us focused as well as facilitating aspects of self-inquiry. From her own solid commitment to and experience with the practice she brings a sense of calmness, empathy and skilfulness in holding the group energy and learning process.


Founder, Wellbeing Startup

Just to say thank you again for your time and insight over these past 8 weeks, it really has affected how I process my thoughts and surroundings and helped me take that split second to decide whether I want to inflict that “second arrow” upon myself.

All the best on your new adventure ahead of you, I’m sure you will continue to better the lives of those around you,


Financial analyst


I started my coaching with Breeze with the eagerness to find my purpose as I had lost motivation in my work and happiness in my life. I quickly understood after a couple of sessions that this would not be an easy exercise and that this was going to be a journey, one that would probably change my life. Breeze has been my guide, showing instantly a lot of compassion and wisdom and gently coaching me into connecting to my deeper self. My quest of purpose has just started but I already notice some changes within me. Encouraged by Breeze, I allow myself time and space to reflect, feel and be present. Breeze was very adaptable to whatever I wanted to get from each session and I also appreciated that Breeze was open to share her own experience and journey and shared some great content that I read and reflected upon between the sessions. I am very grateful to Breeze for all of this.


Director , Cloud-based software enterprise

I was very grateful for the coaching I was able to receive from Breeze, especially with all of the disruption being caused by Covid-19. Breeze helped me to identify my strengths and how to bring them to bear across interpersonal and org level endeavors. She was an excellent and curious thought partner that helped me better understand the culture in which I was operating, and the unique challenges of Google X. To provide a few examples of favorite discussion topics:
– Leading on tech-first companies, and striking the right balance between technical and people leadership
– Developing a sustainable and impactful presence on the team and unleashing their potential to create positive outcomes
– How to flex my leadership style to address the stress and change of covid work conditions, and adapt to the virtual space
– Team discussion topics to create engaging virtual offsites, and how to help my team build on the efforts of each other
– How to structure effective performance reviews and promotion processes

Throughout the coaching period a recurring theme was how to bring mindfulness, or presence, to bear in the way that I lead to help improve my organization. I think this is a key element of the future of work as the world is learning more about the positive benefits of it. I expect this to become even more crucial over time. Breeze’s experience and strength in this area has her well positioned to help accelerate this wave. Her coaching in this area was greatly appreciated, and is counted among my lasting learnings from this time.


HW Engineer | The Everyday Robot Project , Google X

Breeze was my coach last year as I was working to maximize my impact at work ahead of a long leave. She helped me navigate interpersonal dilemmas, expand my thinking to an enterprise mindset, and communicate effectively to different stakeholders, among other skills. What I enjoyed most about working with Breeze is that she never told me what to do. Instead, we talked through the problem I had and she would ask clarifying and insightful questions that helped me to get to a solution that worked for my specific case. She would include research and paradigms to help me think through my problem as well, including sending follow-up articles, video lectures, relevant quotes, and messages.

From our time together, I feel I’ve gained so many strategies to work more effectively. I often ask myself “how would I talk through this with Breeze.” It also helped that she’s such a great active listener, so she can always bring things back full circle to previous coaching discussions as well. I am so grateful for Breeze’s excellent coaching!


PMO at Google





Founder, Healthcare Startup

Chunfeng and I worked together over the course of a very full year in both my professional and personal life.  She supported me throughout with empathy, intelligence, wisdom, keen insights, and a deep understanding of the benefits of mindfulness, perspective, and compassion. Chunfeng has an uncanny ability to have just the right reflection at just the right time. I have grown during this year in meaningful ways I did not anticipate when we started our work together, and I heartily recommend her!


Senior Director, Software Engineering

Chunfeng has inner ‘wiseness’ and integrity; she is both inspiring and supportive. She quickly builds rapport to help coachees to focus on the important things that really matter, and then guide and support constructive change to happen. Thank you for your time Chunfeng.


Director, EY

I had the privilege of being Chunfeng’s coachee. At that point, I was stuck in my life due to many changes in my environment that affected me. As our first meeting was taking place, an instant connection got established on a different level. She made me feel at ease as if we had a long term friendship and that helped me be myself during our sessions and open up about my life.

I realized that Chunfeng has a deep understanding of life that makes her connect with others and build a synergy which is the key in the help she offers. She was present with me during our sessions and allowed the flow to happen which then triggered the questions that made me reflect upon my journey and the obstacles I had.

Chunfeng has a great impact on my life as she guided me to understand my deepest desires and how to manifest them accordingly. She was my spiritual guide in listening to my heart and her quote will forever stay with me:

‘Root the lotus flower in your heart as you know it’s your inner wisdom’


Business Excellence Manager, Healthcare OEM

From the initial session with Chunfeng, I felt completely at ease speaking with her and being true and honest to myself and to her. The preparation materials allowed me to understand before the session how best to get the most out of my time speaking with her. And then, actually during the session Chunfeng gently questioned and listened to me, allowing me to gain insight from myself regarding challenges and opportunities I was facing. The coaching sessions have meant I have now developed my own internal sense of questioning, curiosity and experimentation towards what I am doing. I truly appreciate what I am gaining from my time being coached by Chunfeng.


Strategy manager, FTSE 100

Chunfeng helped me in late 2017 to get a clear understanding of my current situation at that time, the potential of a new opportunity in my career and my personal goals. During our coaching session she guided me how to resolve internal conflicts without influencing me. It was a very constructive time which has created new perspectives. I can absolutely recommend her approach. 5/5 stars 🙂


Engineering manager, Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing organization

In short: Coaching by Chunfeng is the best time spent and I can only full heartily recommend her. If you have the chance to work with Chunfeng- do it!

Over the past year, I had the privilege of being coached by Chunfeng within the Grow2Glow network. For the busy analytical individual, she is able to bring in unique tools and methodologies for structuring each session in a way that you always come out of a session with fresh insights, and not just having the feeling that you “just talked”. Through her work, I not only learned more about my leadership, but also how to best stay authentic to myself in a corporate environment. To me, she also naturally excudes and lives qualities that one looks for in a good coach, as being able to empathically reflect and mirror the coachees perspective, being receptive, wise, calm and growth-inducing.

Thus, she has the ability to help others shine by letting them see how they can use their unique selves to make a difference in their own unique ways. She also does not shy away from sharing her own learnings and life experiences on the way, which I found truly valuable.


Candidate & Scholar, London School of Economics

What started out as a career coaching engagement ended up benefiting me in ways I could not have imagined. Her patient and coaching mindset allowed me to genuinely take ownership of the changes I wanted to see both at work and in life. After 3 months not only have I become a better leader but also a more grateful individual. I can say working with Breeze was one of the best decisions I have made for my personal and career growth.

Senior Manager, Top tier Tech firm

春风拂面,不外如是。非常幸运能够遇到春风一样的人生教练。在此之前,我也兜兜转转地尝试了不同的教练,但是效果平平。相同的文化经历,使得我能够更好地被理解。而且我非常欣赏春风敏锐的洞察力,能够在合作中发现问题所在, 这就离解决问题更近了一步。我们有幸经历了6个小时的人生教练旅程,我感到自己非常幸运地获得了那种“豁然开朗”的经历。希望之后能够有一步深入探讨的机会。


Researcher, Top tier Tech firm