I’ve probably shared this Ted talk a few years back. Recently its insights triggered rich reflections in my team at highly #complex and hashtag#adaptive environments. So let me reshare it here to spark more wisdom 🤩

This talk reminded me of non-linear dynamics of change and the importance of shaping how people create #narratives. I’m also curious how we create a structured practice of working with “clouds of meaning”, structured sense-making, multiple orders, and polycentric development.

So a call of action for all of us working in such highly dynamic environments: embrace #systemsthinking and let’s reinforce positive intent to influence our environment. We may need to touch base on the core of how people attach their #identity at work, understand how people sense make and bring simple and clear narratives into the whole picture.

The professor also double click on the #trusted #social #networks during times of unclarity. No matter what is talked about on stage, the clouds of meaning and people’s trusted relationships might be a better ground to influence narratives in times of change