Really excited to host the Agile community meetup in Power Tower. It’s interesting and inspiring to hear the story of Frank, whose company Netcentric did the first holacracy implementation in Europe and the 2nd in the world with over 300 people.

I’m familiar with many aspects of holacracy so lots of things are not new, however there is one thing he shared really struck me: when asked what he learnt from this experiment, he said as a CEO he overestimated his ability to let go. And the role his ego played up to that point. Hearing that, I could only have more understanding and empathy of many senior leaders I interacted with, who are going through tough times responding to the increasing level of changes, who are seeking ways to become more efficient and effective.

In a way, we as OD practitioners need to support them in facilitating the way they see risk and control. To be skillful in connecting with them on this journey and bring more elements of hashtagresponsiveorganization.