With much curiousity, today I joined the first dialogue of the Societal Transformation series from the Presencing Institute. I was touched by the collective intention of creating a better way of life, shifting from closed to open, connecting head, heart and hand.


A while ago, when I first read Otto Scharmer’s article Axiel shift, I felt a strong connection even just sitting in front of a computer screen. Today I felt again that collective energy. When I say this, it is literal for me, since I’m kinesthetic, I often feel into a situation with my body. What I felt today was indeed something I haven’t experienced so strongly before – in a purely virtual environment. I guess this is the collective intention, of being part of the movement to support transformation.


In a brief opening, Otto mentioned 3 numbers.





This reflects the 3 major disconnections that we experience today.

1.7- we need 1.7 times of the earth’s resources to sustain the current trajectory of growth

26- In the world, 26 people together owns half of the global wealth.

800,000- this is the number of people who committed suicide last year, this number is larger than any death of war or crime together.


Hearing these 3 numbers, I cannot help but feel the urgency and necessity to do something, to help in some way. In a sense, I observe these divides in my everyday work in corporations. The heavy focus on profit, the fear-driven work environment, the disconnect of people at work with their true authentic self, the mask that is protecting ego. What I feel much needed in today’s business environment is openness and compassion.


What I appreciate about the Presencing Institute and theory U, is its holistic, systematic and data-backed approach. This really gave me a lot of inspirational sparks while approaching my work as an OD practitioner and facilitator. I am drawn to this work because I’ve experienced a personal awakening journey. Experiencing the Moore’s law of technology advancement, and seeing the gap widens between the old consciousness and what is possible, it is only natural that I join this movement of bridging the disconnections. The question is rather, what are the efficient and effective ways to do this at scale.


There are a lot I need to learn as an individual in order to be more effective and efficient. And the art and craft of a change agent is indeed finding the sweet spot. What supports me greatly, is the mindfulness practice of coming back to my core. And in a much more profound level, being a practicing Buddhist, I found many practical evidence of this vast and profound teaching of wisdom and compassion.

I wholeheartedly recommend this dialog series, a nice experiment to seek movement at scale. Why not come and try it out?


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