Following this weeks Mindfulness@work introduction session, I’ve received many positive feedback. This is so encouraging!

To include more practice element, I have decided to offer an 8-week course based on the curriculum of “Finding Peace in a Frantic World” by Mark Williams, Founder of the Oxford Mindfulness Center and one of the founding fathers to bring Mindfulness into mainstream workplace.

The curriculum will look like this.

Week 0 Dec 3rd: Introduction to Mindfulness
Week 1 Dec 10th: Waking Up to the Autopilot – Body and breath meditation
Week 2 Dec 17th: Keeping the body in mind – Body Scan meditation
Week 3 Jan 17th: The mouse in the Maze – Awareness of the breath meditation
Week 4 Jan 21st: Moving beyond the rumour mill – Sounds and Thoughts meditation
Week 5 Jan 28th: Turning towards difficulties – Sitting with the difficulties meditation
Week 6 Feb 4th: Trapped in the past or living in the present? – Quiet the mind meditation
Week 7 Feb 11th: When did you stop dancing? – Lake Meditation
Week 8 Feb 18th: Your Wild and Precious life – Befriending meditation

We encourage those of you who sign up, to commit to the majority of sessions, as this will help you to develop a continuous practice space.

All the sessions will be 1 hour each over lunch break (1200-1300) in Frimley


Faraday House

Sir William Siemens Square, Frimley, Camberley GU16 8QD, UK