Recently I facilitated our 4th Teal Forum@siemens, where we shared a Theory U based intervention and a internal self-org pilot. Without going to much detail, one sentence @KarstenSeydel said really touched us. “in order to transform us to a purpose-driven and responsive culture, we need to touch the hearts of people”. For those who’re in a German engineering environment, I’m sure you’d have either a big “? !” mark, or a big smile on your face. This was said by a German engineer, who’s in this business for the last three decades.

It just gave me encouragement, that no matter what culture or industry, we’re all human beings in the workplace. In order to build trust, we need to open our whole self and connect with others, our colleagues and customers. So that together we can build the trust and foster collaboration. This is the foundation for purpose-driven work, and the foundation towards the future of digitalization.