Recently as I was commenting on a fellow OD practitioner’s post on change mgt. I started to reflect on what I see is moving strong undercurrent, and what most organizations are wrestling with.

I do appreciate the change maturity stages. Yet, with the paradigm shifts happening, even well planned change management approaches require fundamental different ways of thinking. Our current trajectory of business and society has much too high social cost. And the exponential growth of technology will bring even more challenges when machine learning is widely used. All such changes require us human beings to be able to tap into the deep sensing and intuitive power that is unique to us.

I’m contemplating about this and I realize that my engineering mind is still trying to find references. But as Einstein famously said, you cannot solve the problem from the same consciousness that created it. Perhaps I shouldn’t empathize on references from the past, as the new solutions will require us to rewire our brain and activate different parts of it.

One thing is for sure: lots of fun on this interesting journey and I’m sure also lots of pain shaking self-awareness.

Random thoughts as we’re back from holiday in Scotland, where the Scottish government has its own ulab. Big respect to the visionaries!